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Pamela Anderson

Main Cause(s): animal protection
Keyword(s): institutional reform
Movies In: Baywatch (TV series), Baywatch the Movie, Snapdragon, Barb Wire, Naked Sous, Raw Justice
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Submitted by: Johanna McCloy
Activism bio (charitable work)

Pamela Anderson is an animal rights activist who has worked with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) on numerous campaigns fighting the abuse and mistreatment of animals. At the 2000 PETA gala, Paul McCartney presented her with the first annual Linda McCartney Memorial Award, honoring her work fighting the fur trade. In January of 2001, Pamela debuted the "Porta-Pam" computer program where her cartoon image can be downloaded onto personal computers. People choose items of clothing or food for her, but if they choose a product that is not cruelty free, cyber Pam goes into a tantrum, reflecting her personal beliefs. Pamela is a vegetarian and is creating her own line of cruelty free make up.

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