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Woody Harrelson

Main Cause(s): drug reform
Keyword(s): human rights
Movies In: Doc Hollywood, The Hi-Lo Country,EdTv, Indecent Exposure,Kingpin, Natural Born Killers,People vs. Larry Flynt,Wag the Dog, Welcome to Sarajevo, White Men canÕt Jump
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Submitted by: Johanna McCloy
Activism bio (charitable work)
Woody Harrelson is an avid environmentalist. His concern about deforestation led him to promote the use of industrial hemp as an alternative fiber source for paper and building materials. He planted four hemp seeds in Kentucky as a way of initiating dialogue and creating a legal challenge to a law which considers the cultivation of hemp seeds as illegal. He has been arrested numerous times while making his case. In addition, he is a vegetarian and a yoga practitioner who for a few years owned and operated a vegetarian restaurant and nightclub in Los Angeles called O2 because it also offered doses of pure oxygen to its patrons. In April of 2001, Woody set out on an awareness raising trip down the Pacific coast line to highlight simple and organic lifestyle choices. He is riding his bicycle from Seattle to San Francisco, accompanied by a bus running on hemp fuel, stopping at campsites to sleep, and offering free talks and yoga classes at universities along the way.

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