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Tim Robbins

Main Cause(s): human rights
Keyword(s): institutional reform
Movies In: Arlington Road,Bob Roberts, Bull Durham, Cadillac Man, Cradle Will Rock (writer/director),Five Corners, The Hudsucker Proxy, I.Q.,Jacob's Ladder, Jungle Fever, Miss Firecracker, The Shawshank Redemption,The Player, Ready to Wear, Short Cuts, Dead Man Walking (director)
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Submitted by: Johanna McCloy
Activism bio (charitable work)
Tim Robbins is a political activist and humanitarian. He spoke out about Haitian AIDS victims during the 1993 Academy Awards telecast, along with his long time companion and common law wife, Susan Sarandon, which was very controversial and gave them both a label as radical activists . He is the writer, director , producer and star of the movie, "Bob Roberts", a political mockumentary which follows a right wing, folk singing candidate on his campaign trail. This movie was highly touted for its insightful and entertaining take on the political system. He also produced and directed "Dead Man Walking," which highlighted the ethical controversy surrounding capital punishment. He is a Green Party member who campaigned publicly on behalf of Ralph Nader during the 2000 Presidential campaign. He has also talked about the hypocrisy in the news media (serving entertainment needs before pursuing the truth) as well as the dangerous repercussions of corporate monopolies on the environment, on small businesses and on human freedoms.

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