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Peter Coyote

Main Cause(s): institutional reform
Keyword(s): environment
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Submitted by: Johanna McCloy
Activism bio (charitable work)
Peter Coyote was a member of the San Francisco Diggers in the 1960's. This was an anarchic group which handed out free food and clothes to poor people in the park every day, argued against government policies by staging protests through performance art, and encouraged community consciousness by creating communes. Coyote still voices his discontent with a variety of issues, from the state of our environment, to the need for drug reform, to the criminal justice system, to the bias and corporate control of the media. He was on the Board of the California Arts Council from 1975-1983 and was voted Chairman for three of those years. He is now a member of the Board of Baykeepers, an environmental organization based in Northern California. He has also received awards and commendations for his activism and has led fundraisers for a wide variety of issues.

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