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Joaquin Phoenix

Main Cause(s): animal protection
Keyword(s): environment
Movies In: Gladiator,To Die For, Clay Pigeons,8MM,Inventing the Abbotts,U-Turn,Return to Paradise, Parenthood
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Submitted by: Johanna McCloy
Activism bio (charitable work)
Joaquin Phoenix has been a strict vegan since he was three and a half years old. He has participated in advocacy ads for animal and vegetarian organizations, including one with the message that holidays can be murder for turkeys, which he made for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). He refuses to wear or consume animal products for any reason and has illustrated that vegan alternatives can be just as sexy, modeling in pleather and other alternative man-made materials instead of leather , suede or fur. As a rising star with an ever increasing fan base, Joaquin is spreading the pro-animal and compassionate message everywhere he goes.

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