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Doris Day

Main Cause(s): animal protection
Keyword(s): animal league
Movies In: Calamity Jane; Love Me or Leave Me; Pillow Talk; The Pajama Game; The Man Who Knew Too Much; The Thrill of it All; Move Over Darling; Doris Day Show (TV series);Doris Day's Best Friends (TV series)
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Submitted by: Johanna McCloy
Activism bio (charitable work)
Doris Day was known for her singing long before she started to act in movies or television. She has had a successful career in both of these fields, but has devoted the majority of her time to animal causes. The Doris Day Animal League and the Doris Day Animal Foundation are established and reputable animal protection organizations which work to educate the public on important issues like spay/neuter and the connection between animal and human violence, as well as lobbying on behalf of animals to enact or stop certain bills from passing in the Congress or the Senate.

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