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Betty White

Main Cause(s): animal protection
Keyword(s): golden girls
Movies In: The Mary Tyler Moore Show (TV series);The Golden Girls (TV series);The Pet Set (TV series); Lake Placid; The Story of Us; Hard Rain; Dennis the Menace Strikes Again; Just Men! (TV game show host);Ladies Man (TV series)
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Submitted by: Johanna McCloy
Activism bio (charitable work)
Betty White is so active on behalf of animals, that her name is now practically synonymous with animal protection. She has been a member of spcaLA for 40 years and a trustee of the Morris Animal Foundation for 34 years. She is now the President Emeritus of that organization and sits on its Executive Committee. She was also on the Board of Trustees for the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association and supports a host of other animal conservation and protection organizations. She has also written books about animals and hosted a radio show as well as a TV show which she created surrounding the topic of companion animals. She devotes as much, if not more, time to animal activism as she does toward her acting career, and turns down parts if there is any question about the treatment or depiction of an animal in the film. In addition to her activism for animals, Betty White also volunteers her time to record audio books for the blind.

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