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Alicia Silverstone

Main Cause(s): animal protection
Keyword(s): environment animal rights
Movies In: Clueless, plus many others. See weblink1
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Submitted by: Linz
Activism bio (charitable work)
Alicia Silverstone is a serious activist in areas concerning Animal Rights and the environment. At one time, a PETA staff person was assigned solely to handle the many request from Alicia, in her efforts to protect Animals.
Below are a couple of quotes from interviews that show some of her charity in this regard:

A non leather-wearing vegan she is committed to animal rights (she runs an organisation for abused pets). This is a part of her life she takes very seriously. "Acting is just clowning around. Animal activism is something to make the world a better place."

Question from Fan during AOL interview:
I wish you luck with setting up an animal foundation and if there is any way I can help, I'd like to very much. How can I help? - Kevin
ASilverstn response:
This pleases me to no end. You can contact either PETA in New York or Last Chance For Animals in L.A. Or the Amanda Foundation in Beverly Hills and you can either send donations or ask how you can volunteer your services and most importantly, if you are in school, you can create like a group, amongst your peers that stands out and helps the animals. Encourage people to spay and neuter their pets and encourage people to boycott pet stores that sell pets and breeders because there are so many millions of beautiful dogs and cats being murdered in the pound every year. It is absurd. All my animals are rescued and they are the most wonderful animals. It is better to save a life than to encourage pet stores or breeders by giving them your financial support. It is encouraging them to keep breeding
animals that will later become murdered in the pound. PETA's phone number is 757/622-7382. Thank you so much for asking me about this.

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